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"The customer's perception is your reality."


- Kate Zabriskie

CASE STUDY | Customer Insights and Brand Strategy

Shaping your retail brand with insights from your customers (and their data)

Omni-channel retailer with multiple retail brands and touch-points wanted a customer "North Star" to inform their merchandising and marketing strategies.

Our client owned and independently managed multiple retail and web based brands.  There were diverse opinions internally as to the best go-to-market three year strategic plan.  Armed with a rich database of customer purchase history, they wanted to leverage the insights from their customer purchase patterns, as well as direct feedback from their shoppers, to inform their new merchandising and marketing strategies. 


The ROIG Group analyzed their customer purchase history within and across the brand databases to profile and segment purchaser types.  We coupled the purchasing segmentation with a custom user profile and attitude survey to provide added insight into the "whys" behind the purchase history. 


Key insights emerged around cross purchasing and profile types:  Armed with fact-based insights, leadership was able to align on a subset of strategic options. Our client was able to identify both the risks and opportunities for branding, marketing spend consolidation, and also merchandising strategies. 

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