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Financial Services
From Strategy to Planning…and Planning to Dynamic Execution

Our clients are able to unlock the breadth and depth of ROIG’s experience in Payments coupled with competency in executive-level leadership.  From strategy and innovation to product delivery, from culture and change to operational effectiveness, ROIG helps clients tackle their greatest challenges with experience-driven, executable solutions

Chess Pieces

Strategy Development & Innovation

  • Company R.O.I.G. Designation Assessment

  • Strategic Assessment, Development, & Roadmapping

  • Company Readiness Assessment

  • Value Targeting

  • Performance Analytics (industry, consumer, operating, financial)


Capability Building & Execution Playbooks

  • Capability Assessment (people, process, technology)

  • Gap Analysis

  • Playbook & Execution Plan Development

  • Build | Buy | Partner Assessment

  • RFP Development

  • Business Case Development

  • Organizational Design


Operational Effectiveness

  • Performance Analytics & Metrics that Matter

  • Operational Finance Planning

  • Systems & Technology

  • Best Practice Identification (internal and external)

  • Automation Opportunity Identification

  • 5 R’s of Performance Management (maturity model)

Delivery of Boxes

Product / Solution Delivery Management

  • Opportunity Assessment (Market, Technology, Culture, Corporate Readiness)

  • Strategy Alignment Review

  • Data Analytics & Metrics

  • Build | Buy | Partner

  • Vendor Negotiation

  • Go-To-Market Plan and Playbook


People & Change Management

  • The 27 Laws of Managing Transformation

  • Change Playbook Development

  • Communications Strategy & Multi-Media Execution

  • Change Readiness Assessments

  • Gap Analysis & Change Journey

  • Talent System Development & Maturation

  • Culture Assessment & Development

Revive, Optimize, Incubate and Grow in Payments
Adding Payments as a Line of Business
FS Article - Every Company is a Payments Company_Page_1.jpg
Every Company is a Payments Company:
How to ensure FOMO doesn’t tank your ROI

October 18, 2021

An ROIG Group Publication

By Sheree Thornsberry & Shelly Schneekloth


The era of embedded finance is here. Accelerated by digitization shifts during COVID, non-financial businesses can now make complex payments and other financial services simply disappear into the background of the solution being offered to a customer. This gives virtually any brand or merchant the opportunity to add innovative financial services into their existing customer experiences. And the total addressable market is enormous. Embedded finance will top $7 trillion globally by 2030, twice the combined value of the world’s top 30 banks today. The embedded payment sector in the US is forecasted to become a $300 billion revenue opportunity.


eBook: How Banks Win the Payments Race: Using a Bank’s Business Designation as the Path to Long-Term Success 

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Research Report: The State of Banking 2022: Revive, Optimize, Incubate and Grow Designations in Banking

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