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Manufacturing (SIOP) Practice

Demand forecasting, inventory and production planning, and sales and operations planning comprise the 4 core elements of our offering along with supply chain network optimization.  We help clients with make-to-order vs. make-to-stock decisions, help set inventory policies, and create a process of accountability enabled by S&OP and metrics that deliver single version of truth.


Network Optimization
& Demand Planning

  • Logical Network Optimization

  • Demand Forecasting (best practices, model configuration, system configuration, and predictive analytics)

  • Consensus forecasting

  • Calculating and reporting on forecast accuracy and bias

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  • ABC SKU classification

  • Level of Service optimization

  • Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock, and Replenish to Stock rules and guidelines

  • Managing the “balance set” or “net requirement” which is a result of forecasted demand, inventory levels, and inventory parameters for dependent demand

  • Safety stock

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  • Master production schedule (MPS) and detailed production schedule (DPS); production cycle time, sequence of products to produce, quantity to produce within each cycle

  • Integration of end customer shipments between cycles, transfers, level loading, optimization, and safety stock

Delivery of Boxes

Sales, Inventory, & Operations Planning

  • SIOP planning is the single source of truth and the ultimate guardian of the balance set

  • Aligning on the metrics that matter (volumetric, financial) as well as which metrics are planned, calculated, vs. given

  • SIOP is first and foremost an accountability system that trains leaders how to inspect what they expect

  • Replacement of manual processes


People & Change Management

  • 27 Laws of Managing Transformational

  • Change Playbook Development

  • Communications Strategy & Multi-Media Execution

  • Change Readiness Assessments

  • Gap Analysis & Change Journey Mapping 

  • Talent System Development & Maturation 

  • Transactional HR to Strategic HR Maturation

  • Leadership & Culture Development

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