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“If you focus solely on results, you will never change.  If you focus on change, you will get results.”

Jack Dixon

International “big box” retail client with a focus in Appliances, Computing and Entertainment needed to vastly improve customer conversion as well as increase retail basket size and margin rates under tough economic circumstances.

CASE STUDY | Results-Oriented Sales Model


Reduced foot traffic in stores threatening topline sales and putting more pressure on margins.


Decentralized management of physical stores.


No consistent sales model or approach to training as sales training was provided by suppliers.


“Solution Selling” (i.e. relationship-based selling) was not common language.


Minimal learning platform for employees and no platform for best practice sharing.


Lack of analytics support and training to utilize the right metrics for program goals to sell to more customers, more profitably.



Reteiler engaged ROIG to assess current selling practices and capabilities.


Working from ROIG’s selling capabilities framework and tools (CREATE), we tailored a rapid assessment approach to meet the client timeline.


Executed an industry benchmark and customer assessment (NPS) to identify strengths and weaknesses across selling territories.


Developed “relationship-based” selling model to increase basket size while better serving the customer within framework of Behaviors + Processes = Results


Built business performance evaluation tools to enable store leadership to identify and measure key KPIs and quickly make adjustments.


Introduced critical change management strategies to ensure new selling capability would be adopted and leveraged.


Defined  performance metrics that were central to business success.


Launched ROIG’s proprietary C.R.E.A.T.E. solution selling model and L.E.A.D. sales leadership model, including social platform for scaling sales training and certification


Created online social community for sales organization to improve communication and share best practices.


Provided dedicated training resource during roll-out of program.



Overall EBITIDA increased 10%. Total services dollars for trailing 12 months increased nearly 60% and total product-related services dollars for trailing 12 months increased 5%.



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