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From product assortment, promotions and pricing to supply chain, digital customer experiences, space management and sales performance, ROIG helps clients build world-class retail capabilities

Demonstrate value at every point of contact with the customer through your Merchandising operations, effective omni-channel sales models, and motivating compensation strategies.  The ROIG Group has developed a series of tools and programs that can help your organization leverage your most powerful market weapon – your teams. From product assortment, promotions and pricing to supply chain, digital customer experiences, space management and sales performance, we can help you build world-class retail capabilities.




  • Portfolio Management (Role, Intent) and Category Strategy

  • Resource Allocation (Optimization)

  • Assortment Management

  • Merchant Business Performance Leadership (M-BPL)

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Promotion Planning & Effectiveness

  • Vendor Strategy & Management

  • Macro Space Optimization


Store Capability Development

  • Store Business Performance Leadership (S-BPL)

  • 9 Elements of a Sales Capability

  • Sales Model (C.R.E.A.T.E.TM)

  • Sales Floor Leadership Model (L.E.A.D.)

  • Store Assessments

  • Communications & Training Systems (Remote & In-Person)

  • Sales Leadership Training Series

  • Sales Meeting Design & Support

  • Technology and Delivery Services (Create Demand, Fulfill Demand)


Demand, Inventory & Supply Chain

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting

  • Inventory Planning and Management

  • Integrated Supply Chain Processes

  • Operational Finance Planning

  • Systems & Technology

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Business Performance Leadership

  • Performance Analytics and Benchmarking (industry analysis, competitive analysis, consumer insights, operating / capability, financial value creation)

  • 5 R’s of Performance Leadership Assessment (maturity model)

  • Compensation Philosophy & Strategies and Design


People & Change Management

  • The 27 Laws of Managing Transformation

  • Change Playbook Development

  • Communications Strategy & Multi-Media Execution

  • Change Readiness Assessments

  • Gap Analysis & Change Journey

  • Talent System Development & Maturation

  • Culture Assessment & Development



  • Category Strategy / Portfolio Management

  • Assortment  Management 

  • Business Performance Management

  • Pricing  Strategy

  • Promotion Planning and Promotion Effectiveness Modeling

  • Vendor Strategy, Management and Rationalization

  • Financials – Allowances, Forecasting / Planning, Open to Buy (OTB)

  • Supply Chain and Distribution

  • Education for Merchants and the support teams who work with them

Deliver the tools and expertise needed to assess and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness  of processes, tools, and capabilities within your Merchandising operations.  Our experienced practitioners work side by side with your teams to help you build a world class merchant organization fit for today's hyper-competitive marketplace. 

  • Sales Model (C.R.E.A.T.E)

  • Performance Management (L.E.A.D)

  • Compensation Strategy and Design

  • Communications and Training Systems

  • Video Development and Sales Meeting Support

  • Training and Talent System


What is the secret sauce for sustainable sales growth and competitive differentiation?  A customer-centric engagement philosophy that extends far beyond a traditional sales model.  Through our C.R.E.A.T.E.® and L.E.A.D. platforms, we can help you empower your sales teams with specific behaviors, knowledge and management reinforcement to achieve measurable growth and improve customer loyalty. 


Store Capability Development


Demand, Inventory & Supply Chain

  • Demand Management

  • Integrated Supply Chain Processes

  • Systems and Technology

  • Vendor Management


Build a competitive infrastructure by optimizing your logistics, systems, and processes to ensure that your inventory meets customer demand where and when they need it.

  • Compensation Philosophy and Strategies

  • Compensation Design

  • Incentive Planning

  • Benchmarking

  • Sales Performance Analytics


Ensure that your sales compensation strategy is aligned to your overall company goals.  From strategic alignment to design, we have developed a 9 step process that helps you analyze what is effective today and set up compensation strategies that meet your future needs.

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Business Performance Leadership

  • Brand Strategies and Value Proposition Development

  • Product and Pricing Strategies

  • Vendor Negotiations

  • Digital Strategies

  • Customer Data Management 

  • Technology Strategies

  • Multi-Channel Integration



People & Change Management

Consumers don’t seek channels, they seek solutions.  Either you meet that need or you don’t and they go elsewhere.  We can help you elevate your omni-channel approach so that you can profitably offer your customers a consistent messaging, product assortment, and pricing across channels and you have transparency of stock levels and connected customer accounts regardless of device used.

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