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Our Government & Public Services Practice
Helping the governments and the public sector with modernization and achieve mission success

At The ROIG Group we have spent years helping with the transformation of people, processes and infrastructure, we work side-by-side to envision the strategy, modernize the roadmap and build a blueprint to reimage digital experiences that help achieve our client’s mission and purpose with their constituents.  

We combine human-centered design with modern digital platforms to help improve operations and deliver measurable results.


Modernization Playbook

  • Departmental Strategy Development

  • On-Premise to Cloud Strategy

  • Program Development and Governance

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Survey & Insight Development

  • Data Analytics

  • Stakeholder Collaboration


Strategy & IT Blueprinting

  • Strategy Development including public-sector centric value-targeting

  • Enterprise Architecture & Design

  • System Mapping

  • Cloud Planning & Migration

  • System Training & Implementation

  • Communications Development

  • Systems (Remote & In-Person)

  • Service Delivery Create Demand – Fulfill Demand



  • Capability Benchmarking

  • Leading / Lagging

  • Gap Analysis

  • Vendor Selection Process

  • Performance Analytics

  • RFP Development

  • Vendor Selection

  • Budgeting


Program & Project Management

  • PM & Project Resourcing

  • Project & Program Planning

  • Analyst Support

  • Action Planning

  • 100 Day Plans

  • Communications

  • Large and Small Group Facilitation


People & Change Management

  • 27 Laws of Managing Transformational

  • Change Playbook Development

  • Communications Strategy & Multi-Media Execution

  • Change Readiness Assessments

  • Gap Analysis & Change Journey Mapping 

  • Talent System Development & Maturation 

  • Transactional HR to Strategic HR Maturation

  • Leadership & Culture Development

Public Sector

RFP Development and Vendor Selection

To be blunt: if you’re looking for a cookie cutter approach to RFPs, look elsewhere. We understand that every project has its unique challenges. That’s why we adapt our methodology to your reality. We’re agile, and we won’t try to force-fit you into some rigid, trademarked system. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We believe in one-size-fits-you. Our experience has taught us not to be tied to one path – we select the path that best delivers your specific outcome. The truth is, for simple projects, a more generic approach can work. But when your project links to the strategy of your department, with no room for error in the outcome, a cookie cutter won’t cut it. When it REALLY MATTERS, we offer a better way.

While most RFP processes start with detailed requirements, we start with a deep-dive into your strategy. Once we understand your longer-term plan, we’ll delineate how this project fits within that broader strategy. Then, it’s off to the races. We’ll gather insights from numerous sources, including:

  • All of your impacted constituents, including the customers of your new solution

  • Industry-leading practices and public-sector capabilities

  • Your project’s specific requirements

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which are required at a minimum and which are unique to your organization


When it comes to requirements, our experience has taught us that simply reiterating your current business practices or expectations isn’t enough. So, we’ll carefully construct questions that aim the new implementation at your correct future state, not just your present state. Anything less would be shortsighted on our part.

Strategy First

Questions Done Right

Next, we’ll focus on framing and organizing the RFP questions to ensure that we elicit the most comprehensive responses for you. To do this, we often compare information from multiple questions to ensure consistency. It’s critical to balance functional questions with capability questions, but no matter what the topic, all questions will be framed to elicit clear and useful insights.


That framing will also be discrete, so that the responders don’t misinterpret things and answer the wrong questions. Plus, the information evaluated by the team will be discernible. Asking the right questions in the right way is key, and after this step, you’ll have a deep understanding of each vendor’s capabilities.

Keeping Score for Success

This leads us to the scoring process and execution stage. When determining the scoring criteria, we include question- and category-weighting upfront, and we’ll weight the questions at 2 levels: tactical and strategic. Linking the weighting to your projects' strategy is paramount – it ensures that your mission will be supported by the selection. As the RFPs are submitted, a review process is conducted with an agreed-upon panel to assess each submission. Over the years, we’ve developed a streamlined, battle-tested process of scoring. It includes an easy method for your individual evaluators to reach a consensus without lengthy, question-by-question debate.

After scoring the proposals, it is crucial to verify the integrity of the responses. Like everything else, we’ll use our extensive insights to tailor this process to your organization, department and situation. But one thing is certain – your verification process will be thorough and multi-faceted. It typically involves vendor interviews, demonstrations, on-site visits, further follow-up questions and reference checking.


After this stage is complete, you’ll have complete confidence that the vendor can do what they said in the RFP.

We Don't Stop at Selection

The last explicit stage in our process is the selection of your vendor. Typically, this is where other consultancies part ways, but not at The ROIG Group. We stay on the job until the job is really done. That can mean contract negotiation, or helping with change management to ensure that the impacted teams in your organization are ready and able to deliver results.


We can even train your team in our methodology, customized to your requirements, and provide tools to ensure a repeatable process.

Our team is exclusively comprised of experienced practitioners and all of our seasoned leaders have at least a decade of operational real-world know-how. Our tailored approach has translated into actual success, including at Ramsey County in Minnesota:

"It has been a real boost to have ROIG. Great job by the ROIG team! You truly live up to your reputation."

- Janet Guthrie, Director of Administrative Services, Ramsey County, MN

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