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At The ROIG Group, we delight in unlocking and accelerating value for our clients and are passionate about working alongside of them to create meaningful change in their businesses.  As former executives and senior leaders, we have the utmost respect for our clients and the challenges they face.  That means that we speak flat, always tell the truth (whether popular or unpopular), and make sure every strategy is developed with an eye towards execution. 


Our clients trust us to deliver world-class quantitative analysis and develop innovative solutions that drive high-impact results.   Our collective experience, proven methodologies, fact-based insights, and unrelenting commitment to outcomes allows our clients to move forward with confidence even in the midst of the most turbulent of transformations.


Most of our consultants cut their teeth in the fast-paced, customer-centric, change-on-a-dime world of retail.  It is with this lens that our consultants walk the fine line of balancing pace and potency.  These skillsets are transferable, industry agnostic and valued by our non-retail clients.


Our clients come to us from a variety of industries including (but not limited to) the following:


  • Retail (food service, mass discount, mass specialty, high-end specialty, apparel, furniture, consumer electronics & appliances, pets, and furniture)

  • Services (technology, logistics, warranty & insurance)

  • Home Building & Construction

  • Financial (fintech, retail banking, payments, commercial finance)

  • Manufacturing (drug & supplement, veterinary, consumer electronic suppliers)


We would be remiss, however, not to point out the depth of industry and consulting experience in Retail and Government | Public Service.  To that end, both practices contain a full-service offering with deep experience across most departments, capabilities and focus areas within these two sectors.

Deliver the tools and expertise needed to assess and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, applications, and capabilities within your Merchandising, Selling and Online operations.  From product assortment, promotions and pricing to supply chain, space management and resource optim, we can assess your organization and help you prepare for the ever-changing world of retail.

Demand forecasting, replenishment planning, production planning, and sales, inventory, and operations planning comprise the 4 core elements of our offering along with logical network optimization.  We help clients with make to order vs. stock vs. replenishment decisions, help set ABC inventory policies, and create a single version of the truth regarding SIOP metrics.

Our clients are able to unlock the breadth and depth of ROIG’s experience in Payments coupled with competency in executive-level leadership.  From strategy and innovation to product delivery, from culture and change to operational effectiveness, ROIG helps clients tackle their greatest challenges with experience-driven, executable solutions

We’ve taken our decades of Corporate and Government experience and translated the insights into a successful and genuinely differentiated approach. This unique process is helping County, State and other public sector offices (as well as corporate clients) improve their process, and it all starts with you.


Why is it that for over a decade, prominent publications have been exhorting Human Resources to be more strategic, more transformational, more agile?  Moving from a transactional HR organization to a transformational one is incredibly difficult but it is vital in order for the organization to achieve its strategic objectives and provoke its employees to achieve uncommon results.  It’s difficult…but not impossible, if the right approach is utilized. 

Performance leadership is one of the least developed, but most important “muscles” in business.  The task is simple enough – just align the appropriate management feedback to employee performance.  Feedback in this context means praise, recognition, constructive feedback, or money (merit, incentive).  Differentiated efforts that yield differentiated results should be praised.  Failure should either be met with encouragement (where employee worked hard but fell short) or criticism.  And those who were just “lucky” should have the ‘bar’ raised.  Sounds simple enough.  But how many companies struggle with this?  And how damaging is it to employee engagement and performance when it is not done well?

Change Management has become ubiquitous but despite the inordinate amount of spend on change efforts, however, the statistics on change sticking hasn’t moved at all, particularly on adaptive change programs vs. technical change programs.  Perhaps that’s because change management needs a little change management…

An organization's ability to drive growth -- above -market growth -- depends on how well it can translates data into insights, and insights into effective action. We leverage a suite of analytical tools that are both innovative and pragmatic.  From financial metrics to big data techniques and quantitative marketing research approaches, we aren't shy about rolling up our analytical sleeves to determine what drives success.

Drive meaningful and sustainable growth with innovation tools and processes that align with your operating model.  We can help you innovate inside the reality of your organization’s culture and resources, and align to the life stage of your business model to ensure that your stakeholders will reward your innovation programs, IT improvements and transformational change efforts.


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