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Set your screens aside and start getting creative

We have been witness to some pretty creative thinkers over the course of our careers. Creative problem solving, innovative change management philosophies, new analytical solutions to age old retail challenges. Creativity in the business sense is a blend of both art and science. It is a basic requirement for transformation of any kind.

At our recent end of the year partner meeting, we referenced a New York Times best selling book by Austin Kleon called Steal Like an Artist, 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative. As and author, Kleon is a pretty creative guy in the traditional sense but he has some inspirational "advice" on creativity that applies to just about any business leader who may find him or herself in a creative rut. His sage perspective is that nothing is completely original. He notes that every new idea is just a "mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas."

He also noted (which we particularly love) that you have to get out there and experience life away from a computer/phone/tablet to really be inspired and do great work. His POV is that the computer is a great editor of ideas but not so great at creating them. Why? Because there are too many opportunities for hitting the "delete" key. Perfectly stated in our opinion.

So as we say goodbye to 2016, we invite you find your own form of inspiration. To get creative in your own way and mash up a new form of creative genius.

Happy New Year,

Move away from the computer and use your hands

The ROIG Group

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